8 Ways To Pack Your Campaign

We cover everything from the way Europe packs to the best travel accessories. Even if you live in denim like me, having an alternative pair of pants on your journey can help change the Springbranch apartments look and prove that you are bathing. Compared to jeans, the chinos is easy and easy to fill. If you try to join, you realize that shorts are not common street clothes in Europe.

Clothes that must be impressive do not belong to an overnight bag. Also, pack some shirts with bottom buttons, such as Henley style. This is thin and light and does not take up much space in the bag, but the elegance intensifies greatly. You may also want to pack a linen shirt or shampoo, one or more work shirts and a shirt. Relax, boys, and follow in our footsteps about what to pack.

A pair of shoes or sneakers should pass the uniform or dress and you should be able to wear them almost daily. My travel courier Patagonia is useful for wandering the city. (Also note your favorite shirt and shorts in this add-on list.Pack a very light bag to transport things during the day. Whether you drink too much or spend a three-hour trip with a noisy child, you need painkillers on some trips. Put a bottle in your night bag along with allergies if you are vulnerable to it. These bottles can be kept in your bag at all times, but only add prescribed medications just before the trip if your doctor changes the prescription from the last trip.

You need to be well broken to be comfortable and enjoy your journey. For men, lightweight packaging shirts are also a good idea. We recommend long sleeves from 2 to 3 to be more diverse.

This way you can continue to respect a limited amount of liquid products that you can carry on a journey. Alternatively, you can carry samples or bags of products such as hair cream, gel or moisturizer in your campaign. Fill your socks in your shoes to save space. The shoes are hard because they occupy a very large surface and their strange shape, which makes it difficult to maintain space.

Bring a washed pair and you can easily wear it with one of your shirts and ties. Work is informal, it is wise to pack a suit. Even if you do not wear it as a suit, you can use the parts as a disconnect. Pants can go with dress shirts, and if you go to an event at night, mating the coat of the suit with jeans is a wonderful look that is not very formal. For everything you fold and flap, use the packaging cubes.