The Most Reliable Eyeliner

Hydrogenated castor oil is a great addition to the base of ingredients, while the meat brush perfects the smoked eye. The award-winning Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eyeliner Pencils is the best pharmacy lash for oily skin. The long-lasting creamy formula of the lining draws precise lines that make it ideal for the whole day. The product also has the goodness of jojoba oil, vitamin E and cottonseed oil to keep the skin hydrated and nourished. The matt finished grease stain eyeliner is waterproof and also softens the skin.

The trick for the perfect smoked eye is firmly in the formula: it needs something creamy and miscible that also has stamina. A kohl lining is ideal for subtle coloring, just use your fingers or a soft, colored sponge carefully for a smooth, glamorous finish without effort. While most of the waterproof liners on this list are in pencil style, this gel eye lining needs an extra brush to apply to your lids.

Made without parabens, the super pigmented formula of this lining keeps you fat all day long, increasing the quality and life of the product. This eyeliner uses a thin, flexible brush tip for application, allowing smooth lines to adapt to almost any aspect, be it simple, subtle or bold and dramatic. The application brush does not fray through continuous use, making the eyeliner easy to apply throughout permanent eyeliner makeup its life. Whether you’re looking for a dramatic eye or something more neutral, this eyeliner will certainly be satisfied and make your eyes dazzling. Pro Longwear Eye Delineator from MAC Cosmetics stays in place for up to twelve hours with its powerful, waterproof formula. This lining is made to provide flawless results and has a creamy texture that is easy to apply and soft on the eyelid.

In addition, the ink intensity does not leave any traces of eyeshadow dust in the eye when used in combination with other products. When used with the coordination spot and line brush and used with this product, the extra cost is worth it. This product allows for sharp precision with the flat head brush and allows smooth lines, although it can also be applied with the finger for a colored and nocturnal appearance.

It is also stain resistant and fades, so you can expect it to last safely all day. Several different colors are available, but not as many as other coatings. If you want an unusual color other than black or brown, look elsewhere. Clinique’s brush cream lining comes in two simple shades that help define the eye color.

Rimmel London has served us many coveted beauty treasures over the years, and the kohl-eyeliner is one to test if you want to create a sleek and pleasant line . With a waterproof formula that has a high intensity color and a soft sliding gel formula, you may want to grab all five colors to try new color variations. Experiment with the navy blue hue if you want to change things from traditional black and brown. While liquid, gel and powder linings are certainly popular, it’s worth trying if you want a deep finish with the color reward. In ancient times, people grind the stybine or charcoal to use as eyeshadow and eyeliner to make their eyes look more dramatic. So far, our practices have certainly reached a makeover in production, and the invention of the liner has made things much easier in general.

We also liked the grinder hidden at the end of the pencil, so it always remained aware of ultra-precision. Make this your choice if you have struggled with the eyeliner in the past. With 50 shades to choose from, there is a color for every Urban Decay wish, taste and need. For some summer fun, go to tropical shadows; instead of eyeshadow, use as a statement line on one or both tab lines.

Easy to mix or apply quickly and smoothly in an elegant line, the application of this product is versatile depending on the appearance you are looking for. Long-lasting and soft on the skin, this product stays in place without agglomeration. Tested by both dermatologists and ophthalmologists, this cream-colored lining will not irritate the eyes or eyelids. Jane Iredale’s Jelly Jar Gel Eyeliner is a versatile and vegan line gel available in four different shades. Feeling creamy, this product can be applied in straight lines or with a colored appearance. Made with rich pigments, this lining is waterproof and lasts all day without stains.

This creamy gel eyeliner kit comes with 2 classic colors that can be used for eyelashes as well as eyebrows. It also offers 2 small eye makeup brushes, a regular lining brush and a corner cover brush to help you easily create different styles of eyeliner. This product has an exceptionally thin and conical felt-tip pen applicator that gives you careful control over subtle strokes and bold lines. Customers say that while not waterproof, it dries quickly for a liquid coating and has a very matte finish. The luxurious packaging of this eyeliner makes it an attractive make-up … It is also comfortable all day and does not cause irritation to sensitive eyes, including bright tones.

In addition, a small but obedient sponge is found at the back of this lining to mix and create stained glances. Available in eight different colors, ranging from black and brown to amethyst and sapphire, almost everyone can find a tone they agree with. Made by a remarkable, high-end design company, Marc Jacobs’ Goic Marc’er Precision ballpoint pen lining is elegant, daring and of the highest caliber. While the waterproof liquid formula makes it durable and not scaly, while the calligraphy type applicator pen makes it easy to use. Although this coating is only available in black, it is the deepest and most intense black available on the market. This product also uses a patented hair system that can draw the thinnest and most discreet lines that are not lost all day.

The 12 Best Summer Makeup Tips To Meet In 2021

Avoid the raccoon look by swapping a waterproof version of your favorite eye product, especially in the summer. “With body heat and high summer temperatures, most eyeliners work or need to be reapplied all day,” says Sesnek. Whether you choose a single color wash on your caps or a smoky eye, makeup primer is an absolute must. This is especially true during the hot months when sweat and oil have their highest production level. You can’t go wrong with a classic like Urban Decay Cosmetics Original Eyeshadow Primer Potion ($ 24; And this is an important advice for the summer season, as many have the myth not to apply a moisturizer in the summer.

Or you can always prepare your own base there, says makeup artist Robert Sesnek, who works with Adriana Lima and Julianne Moore. “Mix the oil-free moisturizer based on a softer, razor-sharp appearance,” he says. Above all, tattoo lips impeccable makeup, regardless of the season, always starts with moisturizing skin care. Curious what other make-up tips have appeared for the summer? It starts to warm up outside and most of us want to wear less makeup.

While I don’t mind using a powder bronzer during the warmer months, I think the use of cream blush is more practical. Not only do cream blushs look more natural and give a very pure and viable shine, but you can also put them back in place all day. On warmer days, this is useful, especially since the texture of layered powder products can become a bit funky if you have sweat and moisture in the mix. Alternating Kosas Velvet Melon for a peach color and Jillian Dempsey Cheek Tint in Rosy for a blush if my skin is a small tanner. All you need is a light layer of waterproof mascara and bright shades of lip gloss to look your best. For a natural, beach-like look, avoid the heavy or dark lip liner.

Dark and rich colors are perfect for fall and winter, but look too heavy in summer. As soon as the warm weather rolls up, switch to clear lipstick formulas and eyeshadow. If you can’t bear to go naked, mix a light layer of painted moisturizer, such as the Natural Hydrating Skin Perfector dyed Laura Mercier, on your skin for absolute shine.

This will contribute to the look and make your cheeks look fuller and brighter. More highlighter will be a best friend to make your face shine even brighter in this heat. Apply to the tip of the nose, chin and cheekbones to look beautiful and glamorous. This is an important part, especially during summer wedding makeup tips. Due to changes in weather, mood and atmosphere, our summer makeup routines are inevitably different from the make-up looks we wear in another season. High temperatures, easy and windy clothes and outdoor days need a natural looking complexion, shiny skin and an exceptionally sharp eye makeup – you’ll have this beauty in rotation all summer.

Given the blazing sun and heat everywhere, these summer make-up ideas are needed to brighten up your day and not let the summer heat block you. Follow these steps to beat the sun and warm up in style. Let us know what you think of these tips and tricks from the summer skin care regime. It doesn’t cover your clothes too much on hot summer days, so also approach your morning care routine. The use of rich creams can feel heavy and greasy in heat and moisture.

Bonus points if you have SPF, such as Sun Bum Tinted Lip Balm SPF 15 ($ 6;, which comes in four beautiful, neutral shades. We all hope to have fun in the sun until we are in the middle of brutal heat and moisture. Pool holidays and summer parties are great, but melted foundation, stained mascara, oily skin and painful sunburn? It’s probably safe to assume we’ve all been there and taken care of it, but it doesn’t have to be the norm. The following warm weather makeup and beauty tricks will help you avoid all of the above dilemmas and make your routine easy and your face perfect. Wear pure makeup for the lips and eyes instead of opaque.

Everything should be avoided and the best ways to achieve a natural look. If you are dark skin, you should consult this article about black women makeup tips. For long-lasting eyeshadow, avoid using eye cream on your eyelids and see a primer instead. “It minimizes wrinkles and creates a foundation for the shade to hold it for longer,” said Sharona Schweitzer, a makeup artist in Seattle, Washington. For the ultimate ease of use during the day, place a powder eyeshadow on a cream. “Apply your normal pencil or cream-colored lining and then use a small corner brush to press the dark shadow on the lining to use it longer,” he suggests.

The Role Of Cannabidiol Cbd In Regulating Fear Of Death In Anorexia Nervosa

They also showed that CBD had a protective effect against peroxide-induced reduction of polyunsaturated fatty acids in the cell membrane, which helped protect the integrity of the membrane.43 There are also indications that CBD can also activate PPAR-γ. Treatment of 2D and 3D fibroblast cells with CBD resulted in activation of PPAR-γ with a corresponding decrease in NF-kB levels. 44 Since HMOX1 and PPAR-γ play strong cytoprotective roles with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-poptotic properties, Treatments that regulate your expression, may be beneficial for skin conditions characterized by inflammation and keratin disorders, such as eczema or atopic dermatitis. A specific cannabidiol product has been shown to reduce seizures in adults and children with various epileptic conditions. This product is a prescription drug for the treatment of seizures caused by Dravet syndrome, Lennox-Gastaut syndrome or the tubular sclerosis complex.

There is a Class B recommendation that supports the use of CBD to treat schizophrenia, social anxiety disorder and autism spectrum disorder, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder . At least two of these, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol, may be used for symptom treatment . Although THC is associated with CNS-changing effects, CBD oil is not intoxicating, at least not in doses up to 600 mg and does buy hemp products not appear to be converted into THC in vivo . Most cannabinoid research focused on THC, which activates CB1 cannabinoid receptors and CB2 or THC / CBD combination products. However, products that are only CBD have come to the fore as potentially safer therapy, and some researchers even suggest that CBD may minimize the effects of THC poisoning when used in combination formulations through CB1 receptor antagonism .

Recent studies have focused on the therapeutic role of medical cannabis in various conditions. As a result, there is a growing need to summarize and revise evidence of its therapeutic and adverse effects as an aid in the development of public health policies, and to provide direction and impetus for pharmaceutical research in this field. From a pharmacological perspective, the diverse receptor profile of Cannabis (and CBD) explains its possible application for such a wide variety of medical conditions. Cannabis contains more than 400 different chemical compounds, 61 of which are considered cannabinoids, a class of compounds that act on the body’s endogenous cannabinoid receptors. Cannabinoid receptors are used endogenously by the body through the endocannabinoid system, which includes a group of lipid proteins, enzymes and receptors involved in many physiological processes. Due to its neurotransmitter release modulation, the endocannabinoid system regulates cognition, pain, appetite, memory, sleep, immune function and mood among many other body systems.

It was concluded that long-term treatment with adjuvant CBD was well tolerated in patients with a tuberose sclerosis complex, with an AE profile similar to the previously observed profile. The decrease in seizures was maintained for 48 weeks and a large proportion of patients reported an overall improvement.36 On June 31, 2020, the U.S. US approved the drink from Epidiolex for the treatment of seizures associated with the tubular sclerosis complex in patients aged 1 year and older.

Xli CBD is present in nabiximols which, as mentioned above, is approved in most of Europe and in other countries. This provides extensive information about your metabolism, toxicology and safety. However, additional safety tests may be justified between specific patient populations if an application is made to the Food and Drug Administration. Early preclinical findings also suggest that CBD may have therapeutic value as a treatment for substance use disorders. CBD reduced the satisfactory effects of morphinexxviii and reduced the search for signal-induced heroin in animal models.

See Quick Fact # 279 for more general information on the use of cannabinoids in palliative care. Tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol are two types of cannabinoids that occur naturally in the resin of the marijuana plant, which interact with cannabinoid receptors found throughout the body. Although THC and CBD are the most studied cannabinoids, many others have been identified to date, including cannabinol, cannabigerol, cannabidivarin and tetrahydrocannabivarin, which can be found in medicinal cannabis 10. Although both CBD and THC are used for medicinal purposes, they have different activities, functions and physiological effects. If not provided in their activated form, THC and CBD are obtained by converting their precursors, tetrahydrocannabinolic acid-A (THCA-A) and cannabidiol acid, by decarboxylation reactions. This can be achieved by heating, smoking, evaporating or baking dried cannabis flowers without fertilization.

It is difficult to determine whether these improvements were due to CBD, Δ9-THC, additive or synergistic effects. The anxiolytic properties of CBD explain the weakening of anxiety associated with the onset of tics and the improvement of tics with a combination of Δ9-THC and CBD (Trainor et al. 2016; Pichler et al. 2019). Another way in which the effects of CBD / cannabidiol can be beneficial is to help with substance use disorders. There are early findings that they can help when people are addicted to drugs such as morphine and heroin.

However, the NIH confirms that when someone uses CBD, it does not cause euphoria or poisoning. This is because CBD does not interact with CB1 or CB2 receptors in the brain and body. The NIH continues that while there is still a need for in-depth clinical studies into the effects of the benefits of CBD and CBD on specific conditions, preclinical studies have shown that there may be some positive effects of this substance.

Who Makes It Easy To Pour Gas Cans And Say It Works?

The nozzle rotates so you can keep the tank at a comfortable angle, while the thumb-activated trigger allows the fuel to be poured at an easy-to-control speed. Some gas cans, especially certified safety cans, come with additional features to improve your safety. Then I went to my other car to take it out of the can. I took off the lid, put the mouthpiece in the tank and tilted the container. Everything flowed easily and within seconds the can was empty. The only catch is the valve in the fuel filler tube that wanted to hold the fuel nozzle.

This is to enable you to pour the last gasoline without risking spillage. A good peak can guarantee the uniform fuel flow from one place to another, stop spillage and maintain fuel. To obtain these benefits, you need to look for the best gas pipes on the market.

The most popular is the EZ-Pour Fuel Jug Spout, which I will discuss here. They also make various adapters for Jerry Cans, Chilton Gas Cans and Racing Jugs. In other words, if you have a plastic fuel container, they probably have an EZ nozzle kit Note that the set can come with three nozzles and lids, but they are all the same color. As a result, there is no way to encode your type of fuel in color. As a result, nozzle mounting works best as a long-lasting replacement solution rather than a way to control all your fuel cans at once.

It is really useful if you have a reliable fuel storage solution, although the leak section is worn over time. Since it comes with a ventilation opening, you have the option to change it for a new one or keep the one already in use. The last part of the nozzle kit is the stopper and the accessory. Surrounds the top of the mouthpiece where a thin plastic filament leads to the lid of the mouthpiece. Prevents drops and ensures that you are not dealing with evaporation. Transfer liquids easily with the replacement nozzle kit.

Please note that while the mouthpiece is of high quality, it is not compatible with all gas nozzles. Check the dimensions of the opening in your can before choosing.

Type 2 cans have an extra beak that can serve as a ventilation opening, making it easy to pour. The challenge with the gas can be that it can be difficult to tilt them into place without spilling them. That can make you feel like gas can spout a little boy is trying to pour a big bottle of orange juice into a glass. That is why the design of this container is so innovative. It has a button on top of the container that only opens the mouthpiece when you press it.

What Should I Watch Out For When Buying Wigs From Human Hair????

Whatever you choose, align the front of the wig to your natural hairline. If you bring the wig too close to your forehead, it is obviously a wig. An example of wearing your wig can be found here in a short tutorial. Caring for a synthetic wig can be tedious because it needs to be washed carefully by hand without being upside down. Synthetic wigs are often supplied with follow-up instructions that are important to extend the life of your wig.

With synthetic hair, you don’t have to worry about too much tangle, dryness or fading color. If it is sewn or if you have synthetic hair braids, you can expect a fixed amount of three to six months. Depending on how often you use your hair and how you care for it, it can extend your life. This is also possible if you wash your hair during installation.

And since human hair wigs look like real, let your natural braids rest a little?. Depending on the type of hair loss, your hair may or may not grow back. Knowing whether your hair is regrowing or not can help determine how long you have to wear a wig. Because human hair wigs can last a year or more with proper care, it may be a better option for women who have to wear a wig for a longer period of time. With a synthetic wig, it may be uncomfortable to ask if the people around you know you are wearing a wig. While synthetic wigs can look shiny and fibrous, human wigs look from a distance and very close to natural because they are natural!

However, this natural feeling and appearance is only worth the extra money for the quality. The boost in trust that comes with wearing a human hair wig when your appearance improves is worth every penny. Some synthetic wigs simply shout “wig” because they have a firm appearance and feel like plastic. A human hair wig, on the other hand, is more natural in contact and texture. The hairline also looks more natural with a human hair wig, and the hair movement is very realistic. The color in a synthetic wig looks flat, but with a human hair piece, the colors have a lot more dimension and improve this natural appearance.

It is also very beneficial to see that customers and not just models also wear wigs. With a human hair kit of 500 pounds, wig caps, a wig holder as well as a needle and a thread, I had to work on making mine. It was a mixture of wig weaving that I cut out and saved myself having to go to my hairdresser every six weeks to change my sewing material.

Your wig should not only fit your head, but also your lifestyle and circumstances. Natural hair wigs can be more comfortable and “natural”, but they can be very uncomfortable in your expense account. Before buying, try to get an idea of how much you can spend hair bundles and follow the guidelines. Remember that chemotherapy hair loss is usually temporary. If you buy a synthetic wig, it is already designed and ready to rock. This is restrictive for some because there is really no way to customize or design them daily.

In glam’s seamless hair extensions, all of our U-parts consist of 100% ethical real hair and enable a perfect and seamless installation. It can be difficult to find a makeup that matches your skin tone, especially if you have no idea what your tone is. Discovering the skin tone is a very important detail that you need to know if you want to get a effortless shine when wearing makeup. But if you choose to wear makeup to improve your natural beauty and don’t know where to start, I just want to help you choose the colors that work for you. With every important decision in life, I examine it as if it were a doctorate.

In contrast to ready-to-use synthetic wigs, real hair types can be adapted to the exact size of your head. The production of your human hair wig usually begins with a plaster cast that removes your scalp and head. Your wig is pretty safe; You can live an active life without worrying that the solution will be accidentally removed. In addition to its simple grip and wear, synthetic hair can also maintain a style.

The more properties natural hair is preserved through the wig production process, the more the wig looks like our own hair. Each member of the Simply Pergs team will behave with integrity, compassion, and a touch of fabulousness when it guides you through your hair loss journey. We offer support, instructions, then withdraw and see you again. Hello Larry, I originally had human hair, but I didn’t like the full lid and they felt unusually thick because I was only used to fine hair. Now I only use it synthetically and frankly find it brilliant. It’s less difficult to use, but I don’t have anyone to touch it, so maybe that makes a difference.

In addition, the wigs are best suited for women with thin strands. If you have low volume hair, extensions are a crazy choice. Fine hair strands mean weak strands of hair that cannot carry the additional weight of the extensions. They have minimal options when it comes to fine hair extensions because the original hair is too invasive and light. And the original threads cannot simply pick up additional hairpieces.

kickass proxy Unblock kickass torrents kickass proxies

Few Things about Kickass Torrents

Kickass torrent�was the most popular website for file sharing, but it is sadly no longer. In July 2016, the US Department of Justice charged defendant Artem Vaulin and was accused of a number of violations of copyright and money laundering.

The initial�Kickass movie�ended (KAT). It signaled. Soon after the KAT had been shut down, several mirrors and copycat sites emerged, but they also were shut down early. In 2019, after a relaunch, a consortium of the original employees and committed KAT uploaders has diverted traffic to a new platform,, but it is still struggling to achieve the success of the original site�kickass to.

The latest KAT does not have the durability or the quality of the original and is also forbidden for rare and unpredictable downtimes. Fortunately, a lot of other torrent sites are safe alternatives to Kickass torrent. When one torrent site is shut down or blocked, some others still pop up. It�s always helpful to keep the best torrent sites up to date, particularly if you�re following a rare file.

�kickass torrent Movies Download

All the clients will do is visit the site and install the application to download movies�Kickass anime�and share files with Kickasstorrents. The user can then access any files shared on the web after installation. This means that two computers share the same file concurrently.

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Users always search for the best way to access�kickass unblocked�torrent files. There are a few approaches you can use if you are one of these people. This is the search engine, but you may not always get what you are searching for in order to figure out where to access the files. You will need a program to transfer the files to your computer automatically if you are doing so.

Here is the� List of�Kickass Proxy��list& Mirror Sites

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That�s when it comes to the right plan. One such software is�Kickass Torrent2 movies Download. The whole process can be done for you by the system. You can find and scan the files you would like to access and you will select those you choose not to access. You can find them.

It is quick to use the software but also allows you to decide what files you want to access and what your machine wants to put on. Neither do you think about the device containing a virus? You can easily uninstall it from the software if you want to access anything that is not pleasant. No advertisements or such are available.

Final say on Kickass torrents

It might be easier than ever for you to access a particular file or compile data. Kickass torrent Download is about going online, logging in, and uploading the files. You can access many different types of files by using several different access options.

You just have to pay one fee if you are interested in checking out this app. You�re not going to have to look for it again. You have to cancel your membership before you know. Kickasstorrents is an app that works well for peer-to-peer sharing and downloading. For anyone who wishes to find trustworthy software that can accommodate their download needs.

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How To Watch PPV Events Live Without Cable

People in the US are slowly migrating to online subscription-based streaming services instead of paying for an overpriced cable TV connection with fewer features. Now, if you have decided to do the same, you might wonder how you can watch various pay-per-view events without cable.

Some services can help you watch popular PPV events, which we are going to discuss extensively in this article. Each service has its own set of pros and cons in terms of exclusivity, but it depends on the agreements between the PPV sponsors. If you want to know more about these services, proceed further in the article for�watching PPV on firestick.

Watch Pay-per-view on ESPN+

ESPN+ is currently one of the cheapest sports streaming services available. The service recently acquired the rights over UFC events in the US. If you are a hardcore UFC fan, you can watch all the main fight events live at HD from the ESPN+ Pay-Per-View section without cable. Unfortunately, ESPN+ does not have DVR support, but you can access the broadcasted content later on-demand anyways.

ESPN+ app is available for download on Android, iOS, Apple TV, PS4, XONE, Roku, Fire TV, Chromecast, and other platforms. You can stream on three devices simultaneously.

ESPN+ Pricing

  • For�$4.99/month ($49.99/Year), you get to watch live coverage of PGA TOUR Golf, MLB, NHL, MLS, Grand Slam Tennis, NCAA, and many more with ESPN+ service.
  • New ESPN+ subscribers can also buy a bundle of one UFC PPV event and an ESPN+ annual subscription for�$79.98.
  • Existing annual ESPN+ subscribers can purchase a single UFC or UFC 240 PPV for�$59.99.

Watch Pay-per-view on Sling TV

Cord-cutters love Sling TV because of its wallet-friendly subscriptions. While it does have pay-per-view content available, the service did not have an official support guide on it until a week ago. So if you aren�t familiar with Sling TV, it has 50+ live TV channels and additional channel add-ons.

Sling TV also offers PPV events such as wrestling, boxing, martial arts, and other special events. You can purchase a PPV event from the�Rentals�tab in the Sling TV app. You can also do it through the�official sling website�by signing in to your account, then selecting�Event�on the My Account page.

Sling TV does have Cloud DVR, but you will be able to access the purchased event later from the�Sling PPV�section of the app.

Similar to ESPN+, Sling TV supports most of the�media streaming devices, but the number of devices you can watch an event simultaneously depends on the broadcaster.

Sling TV Pricing

  • Sling Orange ($25/month):�34 channels including ESPN, one device.
  • Sling Blue ($25/month):�49 channels including NBC Sports and FS1, three devices.
  • Sling Orange+Blue ($40/month):�56 channels including all the sports ones (visit for more information), four devices.
  • PPV programming�pricing varies from event to event, with the UFC ones starting from�$49.99.

Watch Pay-per-view on Prime Video

If you have an Amazon Prime subscription ($12.99/month), not only you can get Prime shipping and early access to lightning deals but also stream movies, TV shows, and Amazon Originals on Prime Video.

You can also purchase specific pay-per-view events, mostly the UFC, SCB, and MMA ones through Prime Video. Just search for the PPV event you want to watch in Amazon and complete your payment. If you�re going to watch archived events, you also have the option to rent the video.

Most of the PPV events on Prime Video are priced between�$30-$70�in the US. It is costly, but you can stream in HD at 60 frames-per-second.

Watch Pay-per-view on UFC & WWE Network

Some UFC and WWE pay-per-view events are exclusively available on the official platforms.

For UFC fights, go to and check out the event calendar and pre-order PPV events. You can also get the�Fight Pass ($9.99/month)�for streaming live and on-demand UFC matches.

For WWE matches, visit��and pay�$9.99/month�for live WWE pay-per-view events and unlimited access to other premium content. The first month is free, and you can cancel anytime.

Both services are available for every major streaming platforms.


In this guide, we have showcased a few services for watching PPV events without cable. We have also included pricing to help you decide. We expect to see more options for viewing PPV events in the near future.