The 12 Best Summer Makeup Tips To Meet In 2021

Avoid the raccoon look by swapping a waterproof version of your favorite eye product, especially in the summer. “With body heat and high summer temperatures, most eyeliners work or need to be reapplied all day,” says Sesnek. Whether you choose a single color wash on your caps or a smoky eye, makeup primer is an absolute must. This is especially true during the hot months when sweat and oil have their highest production level. You can’t go wrong with a classic like Urban Decay Cosmetics Original Eyeshadow Primer Potion ($ 24; And this is an important advice for the summer season, as many have the myth not to apply a moisturizer in the summer.

Or you can always prepare your own base there, says makeup artist Robert Sesnek, who works with Adriana Lima and Julianne Moore. “Mix the oil-free moisturizer based on a softer, razor-sharp appearance,” he says. Above all, tattoo lips impeccable makeup, regardless of the season, always starts with moisturizing skin care. Curious what other make-up tips have appeared for the summer? It starts to warm up outside and most of us want to wear less makeup.

While I don’t mind using a powder bronzer during the warmer months, I think the use of cream blush is more practical. Not only do cream blushs look more natural and give a very pure and viable shine, but you can also put them back in place all day. On warmer days, this is useful, especially since the texture of layered powder products can become a bit funky if you have sweat and moisture in the mix. Alternating Kosas Velvet Melon for a peach color and Jillian Dempsey Cheek Tint in Rosy for a blush if my skin is a small tanner. All you need is a light layer of waterproof mascara and bright shades of lip gloss to look your best. For a natural, beach-like look, avoid the heavy or dark lip liner.

Dark and rich colors are perfect for fall and winter, but look too heavy in summer. As soon as the warm weather rolls up, switch to clear lipstick formulas and eyeshadow. If you can’t bear to go naked, mix a light layer of painted moisturizer, such as the Natural Hydrating Skin Perfector dyed Laura Mercier, on your skin for absolute shine.

This will contribute to the look and make your cheeks look fuller and brighter. More highlighter will be a best friend to make your face shine even brighter in this heat. Apply to the tip of the nose, chin and cheekbones to look beautiful and glamorous. This is an important part, especially during summer wedding makeup tips. Due to changes in weather, mood and atmosphere, our summer makeup routines are inevitably different from the make-up looks we wear in another season. High temperatures, easy and windy clothes and outdoor days need a natural looking complexion, shiny skin and an exceptionally sharp eye makeup – you’ll have this beauty in rotation all summer.

Given the blazing sun and heat everywhere, these summer make-up ideas are needed to brighten up your day and not let the summer heat block you. Follow these steps to beat the sun and warm up in style. Let us know what you think of these tips and tricks from the summer skin care regime. It doesn’t cover your clothes too much on hot summer days, so also approach your morning care routine. The use of rich creams can feel heavy and greasy in heat and moisture.

Bonus points if you have SPF, such as Sun Bum Tinted Lip Balm SPF 15 ($ 6;, which comes in four beautiful, neutral shades. We all hope to have fun in the sun until we are in the middle of brutal heat and moisture. Pool holidays and summer parties are great, but melted foundation, stained mascara, oily skin and painful sunburn? It’s probably safe to assume we’ve all been there and taken care of it, but it doesn’t have to be the norm. The following warm weather makeup and beauty tricks will help you avoid all of the above dilemmas and make your routine easy and your face perfect. Wear pure makeup for the lips and eyes instead of opaque.

Everything should be avoided and the best ways to achieve a natural look. If you are dark skin, you should consult this article about black women makeup tips. For long-lasting eyeshadow, avoid using eye cream on your eyelids and see a primer instead. “It minimizes wrinkles and creates a foundation for the shade to hold it for longer,” said Sharona Schweitzer, a makeup artist in Seattle, Washington. For the ultimate ease of use during the day, place a powder eyeshadow on a cream. “Apply your normal pencil or cream-colored lining and then use a small corner brush to press the dark shadow on the lining to use it longer,” he suggests.