16 Tips For Traveling By Train In The US Best Travel Tips To The US

It’s good to pack some snacks, a neck pillow and definitely something to do on a flight… If you’re planning to take a long flight, you can read an earlier BTB article that will give you some tips on how to survive the trip. Whether you’re renting a car, driving yourself, using a rideshare app, or taking a taxi, driving is another easy way to travel. Especially in big cities you may not be familiar with anymore, getting into an Uber, Lyft or taxi can keep you from getting lost.

During my daily commute to Copenhagen to go to class, one of my favorite things was to watch the scenery go by outside my window. Just make sure you always have your ticket at hand when a ticket inspector arrives. Those who plan to attend puja and other festivals at home should travel. If you’re traveling by train during this festival season, travel tips can help avoid many travel problems. Passengers are advised to bring enough drinking water to stay hydrated.

One of my worst night train journeys was from Bangkok to Butterworth in the third class open cage car. It was on the top bunk and they left the fluorescent ceiling lights on all night. Even with a curtain around my mattress, light came in from above and kept me awake. I wear this non-irritating aloe and cucumber every time I travel and use it all the time on train, bus and plane trips. Separated from my main luggage and continuing, I always travel with a third “small bag” that I carry with me at all times.

If you’re looking for an unforgettable train ride, look beyond the Eastern and Oriental Express. This luxury train travels through some of Southeast Asia’s most scenic areas, making it the perfect way to explore the region. The train passes some of the country’s most beautiful routes, including the Ghats of Western India.

If you’re travelling in England, why not take advantage of the extensive national train or bus network instead of renting a car? There are over 2,500 stations in England and many are located in or in the centres of towns or villages. These railways use cable traction Treno bernina to move on steep inclines, with cars moving up and down hills and mountains. Plus, you’re technically always on the ground, so it’s perfect for those who fear vertigo. You’ll avoid climbing a steep hill yourself and provide a unique vantage point of the city.

You can check out some previous BTB articles, which will give you tips on how to stay cool on the road and ideas on how to live outside of your vehicle. On most of Europe’s most beautiful train routes, passengers on one side of the train look out for sea, mountains or rivers, while those on the other side of the train will see nothing special. If you book tickets online, for certain trains where seat reservations are available or included in booking tickets, you will often have the option to select the area in which you want to travel. However, be careful, especially if you are going to travel in 2nd class: you can get on a long-distance train and find that there are no seats available.

Use Google Maps to research what each train station has to offer, from food to toilets to kiosks. Victoria and Waterloo don’t count and neither do Brighton. Most regional and national trains have sanitary facilities.