RFID – AT90RF135602- Smallest RFID Reader

For at90RF135602, nicknames are definitely needed. Even in 8 points, it’s too big a name for the world’s smallest RFID reader!

AT90RF135602 (see what I mean?) is the latest RFID development developed by California-based Atmel and British company Innovision Research and Technology. This single-chip RFID reader is only 12mm by 12mm by 2 mm. (For those of you who like to travel in an ultralight car, look out for the smaller version from 6mm by 8mm by 1.5mm).

THE AT90RF135602 reads and records RFID tags and 13.56 MHz smart tags, is optimized for 2.8 B battery life and corresponds to parts 2 and 3 ISO/IEC 14443-A, making it particularly suitable for small portable devices.

I can see how this little RFID reader can be useful for NAVI (navigation for the visually impaired) and other portable applications. Smaller readers make portable devices less intrusive and easier to use. Good news for those who use NAVI, visit museums with a guide or walking tours.

I can see how AT90RF135602 at a relatively low price of $3 apiece (10,000) can appeal to RFID managers who are trying to maximize efficiency at minimal cost. It’s inexpensive to operate, programable and expands, so it’s an investment that’s growing along with your business.

I also see that as RFID readers get smaller, they become harder to see. It’s easier to forget. Or you don’t realize it.

RFID labels continue to shrink, and in some cases have even disappeared altogether, replacing them with smart labels and smart ink. Too many consumers don’t even know about RFID labels, and they’re getting harder to see.

Technology naturally develops towards more power with less space occupied. This is one way to measure progress.

As we progress more and more, let us also move towards the growing consciousness of citizens. Let’s make sure we can treat AT90RF135602 as a really cool RFID reader that promotes our culture and improves the quality of our lives. And the nickname was great.

Sally Bakkett is a freelance writer, award-winning freelance writer and sales instructor. She has published articles on a variety of topics including RFID, sales skills, motivation and pharmaceutical sales.

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