Feminine hygiene

Every woman has a duty to take care of her 女性衛生 hygiene. If the vagina is running, there may be a smell or develop a chronic disease. To avoid this, every woman should know well how to observe women’s hygiene. Here’s a quick and simple guide to the basics you need to learn to always feel comfortable, confident and odorless.

  1. Don’t forget to rub

It can be a bit tricky and heartless, but not all women are wiped after urinating. To make matters worse, not all women clean up… Do you know. What you do in the bathroom. Cleanliness is necessary to maintain good women’s health and prevent the development of serious vaginal cancer.

  1. When you do. Do it right.

There’s no point in slipping if you don’t know how to do it, or if you don’t take it seriously. Be sure to wipe from the front of the vagina to the vulva. If possible, quickly rinse with soap and water to make sure you are clean.

  1. Smell

Good feminine hygiene smells good. In fact, sometimes it even smells sweet. Smell is the best signal to tell you whether you forget about your hygiene or do it wrong. To feel good, you need to smell good. So the next time you take a shower or take a shower number one or two, take care of your hygiene.

  1. Use women’s goods.

Your vagina is full of microscopic organisms. That’s a fact. Use women’s products with the right pH to ensure that these organisms are controlled and will not develop into serious diseases.

Remember these basics. Remember: never compromise with feminine hygiene.

Impeccable appearance does not mean impeccable feminine hygiene. You can add makeup on top of the previous one, and it probably won’t notice, but there are worse things. A recent survey of more than 1,000 women showed that many general rules of feminine hygiene are poor.

To the question “Have you ever worn dirty clothes?” Eighty-five per cent of the women surveyed responded positively. Fifty-two per cent also admitted to reusing dirty laundry. A woman with such habits should know that she is prone to many diseases, because bacteria from underwear can easily get on the hands, face, etc.

40% of women in the world follow the five-second rule. This means that if you can lift food off the ground in less than 5 seconds, you can eat it. Well, that’s completely wrong. Microbes penetrate into food almost immediately. Since you don’t need much of this to get sick, consider throwing food on the floor in the bin.

75% of women who filled out this questionnaire admitted that they usually rest in nature in the bath. How often do I need to take a shower? It depends on how much you sweat. A third of the world’s women don’t shower every day. How bad is this habit? Surprisingly, it is not very harmful. In the sweat glands, microbes live at home, especially when they have a job. The longer they stay there, the more they smell. This is not a risk to your health, but certainly for your friends.

If you wash your hands after going to the toilet, you are one of 76% of women who do the same. So be careful when shaking hands. This is because your stomach may suffer due to uncomfortable feminine hygiene. You feel that you have forgotten to wash your hands because of a gastrointestinal disorder. Hand washing is the most effective way to stop the circulation of most diseases.

The secret of femininity is what makes a woman special and unique. Her body is so complex and tender at the same time. Good feminine hygiene, whether intimate or not, makes a woman feel much more comfortable, more confident and, therefore, more smiling. Factors in everyday life, such as fatigue, stress or menstruation, can easily affect a woman and change the balance of her body, leading to local discomfort.

Shaky intimate female hygiene can cause huge problems, so women are urged to learn to take care of every part of the body. The use of special products is indicated over credits. But doing too much is as bad as not doing it.

Folic acid is one of six building blocks of women’s health. Its absence during pregnancy can lead to deformities in newborns. Getting enough folic acid prevents retinal degeneration, one of the most common causes of blindness in older people. Many post-menopausal women turn to hormone therapy. However, a cocktail of hormones can ruin their health. For example, the combination of estrogen and progesterone stimulates the development of breast and ovarian cancer.

Polycystic ovary syndrome and other conditions blocking ovulation are among the most common causes of female infertility. Vitamin D treatment helps prevent these problems, and the main source of it is sunlight. If you’re afraid of skin cancer, you really don’t need to go to the beach, but you still need to see the sun. Even in clothes it is enough 20 minutes of daily walk. However, if you are going to the beach, there are many creams that handle the strips of ultraviolet light very well.

25 per cent of middle-aged women suffer from depression and other hormonal disorders. One of the causes of these disorders is the insufficient amount of tryptophan, an amino acid that can only be obtained from food, especially turkey meat, soft cow cheese, plums and bananas.

Finally, it is very important to know that the birth of a child at the age of 30 is considered part of feminine hygiene. This is because you can prevent breast cancer. In addition, breast-feeding mothers are 50 per cent less likely to have swollen joints. Regular sex can also keep you young. Studies show that 200 orgasms a year will make a woman younger by 6 years.

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